Friday, 19 December 2008

Late nights and early mornings

Good morning! Yawn...I'm so sleepy...and yet, I'm in school on a saturday morning. Actually I was dragged out of bed by my dear doggie this morning. Since the start of the month, he seems to have developed a self-imposed "wake-karen-up" morning ritual.

1. Jump on my bed.
2. Step on MY pillow
3. Look for Karen's nostril
4. Stick stinky doggy tongue in karen's nostril

OMG! Why is this dog so errily fascinated with my nose! Yes, dogs like humans, have a bad case of morning breath too. How did I find that out? My dear, it's called first hand experience.

Oh yeah, about em' late nights. I was in school until 8p.m. last night because of an annoying amino acid that refused to stick!!! An in the end it still would surrender itself to the entire peptide chain. It's like the little bugger has a mind of its own! Damn you isoleucine!

Haha..yeah...I remembered angela's twin sister's name - Shirley! :P

She gave me this addy:,2l4lx2raxtm3piq----------------40--commend-0-all-0.htm?at_topsearch=1

I'm thinking of getting my wig for cosplay there! It costs only about S$12! Cheap!!!!

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